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Dr. Wolfgang Heindl

Dr. Wolfgang Heindl, President and Founder of the Tax-Office.


After having completed his studies in economics at the University of Heidelberg and graduating as certified economist, Dr. Wolfgang Heindl started his career as Assistant Professor at the Politico-Economic Faculty of his alma mater. In 1983 he received a PhD in Political Economics. His doctoral thesis concerned the impacts of national budgets on cyclical trends.


In 1985 Dr. Heindl received the public appointment as chartered tax accountant by the German Ministry of Finance. Thereafter he established his tax-firm in Heidelberg. In 2007 he was appointed as a member of the board of examiners for tax accountants by The Ministry of Finance of Baden-Württemberg.


Dr. Heindl has amassed a wealth of experience throughout his career consulting for companies of all sizes, including companies with an international presence and relationships. One of the focal points of his practice is aiding global companies in understanding international tax law and agreements in order to maintain compliance and avoid duplicate taxation. Dr. Heindl hereby regularly cooperates with colleagues in other European and overseas countries.


In addition to handling the tax affairs of small and large businesses, Dr. Heindl's tax-Office also offers advice for compliance, review and filing of taxes for individuals, estates and trusts. Dr. Heindl is assisted by a team of competent and experienced employees and associates.


In his hometown of Heidelberg Dr. Heindl is engaged in social and volunteer work and is a member of various non-profit associations. In some of these associations he is member of the executive board and acts as a board leader.

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